Staring Down The Night Of Day II

After her morning walk, she sets down to read the paper. I come in the mornings to help out. Hi Nana, how are you? I bring her breakfast every morning which includes scrambled eggs, sausage and biscuit. Gotta get the jelly, blackberry of course. “Have you had breakfast?” A question she asks every morning, she doesn’t care to eat in front of others if they aren’t eating too. She eats well, she loves pepper on her eggs, I put pepper on but… she has to add more, she’s a spicy lady.

With her hair colored auburn red and her black rimmed reading glasses, she reads the front page, then the obituaries (out loud). When she is through reading the paper, she moves it to the side. Finishing her blackened peppery eggs she asks “what have you got on tap today?”, I’m going to the Closet for awhile, The Closet is a mission place that I volunteer twice a week. “That’s good, see if there’s a black pocketbook or a red shirt I might like. I will pay you if they do.” I get her medicine out for her to take before I leave and we check her blood pressure. Something she has done every morning for many years. As I get ready to go, she says “have a good day”,
she says “I’m gonna read the paper and obituaries, you never know who died”.
                                                                                                                                                         signed,  Alzheimer’s

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