Staring Down The Night Of Day IV

Blue Tile

He said “the remodel will take about two weeks.” So Sherry gathered the few personal items and clothes that Nana would need for her stay. Nana would be comfortable there, Sherry is the daughter that everyone would want. She is organized, hyper, extremely thorough, efficient, sweet and beautifully manicured.  She loves her mother to no end and will give up a tremendous amount to take care of her.

The bathrooms have been unchanged for 49 years, since the house was built. With Nana getting older and her new diagnosis the bathrooms needs some work and made a bit larger for a walker or wheelchair when needed. I love the appearance of each one, the tiles in the main are mint green porcelain and the master bath is sky blue porcelain. I’m a sucker for any charming home styles, with Nana being the super money saver that she is, her home style is always the same. She should enjoy her short two week stay with her daughter.

                                                                                                                                                 signed, Alzheimer’s

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