Spooks Anonymous

Hair dryer in right hand and hair brush in left, it took a good 10 minutes to blow dry my then long, very thick hair. The dryer was warm in the tiny pea green bathroom, middle of winter I always froze after a shower. The little trailer was a 1984 model that we bought from my husband’s friend and had just moved onto my parents property 2 weeks before. At this time it was 1993, so the quaint little trailer wasn’t very old at then.

My kids 4 years and 6 months were already in their beds. It was about 10, my husband was in the living room watching tv. So getting my shower late was just how it was with a full-time job and two kiddos. Still drying my hair I heard a somewhat loud sound on the outside of the house, I quickly turned off the dryer and paused-waiting for a couple of seconds. The noise was as if a branch ran down the house exterior wall, it was loud enough to startle me over the sound of the hairdryer.
Leaving the bathroom, still puzzled,  I went into the living room where my husband was watching the tv, volume so low barely able to hear anything, he didn’t have it turned up to loud since the kids were in bed. “Did you hear that noise”? I asked. “Hear what”?
He hadn’t heard it? How?! At that very next second a scrubbing whoosh ran along the entire exterior wall again. “THAT, that’s what I heard” I told him. He sat up quickly, extremely confused, the looks on our faces gave way to a serious mystery unfolding.
My husband and I look at each other, unsure of anything except our mutual confusion. He gets up and walks to the front door. He opens it, then the storm door, peers out and sees… nothing. “My BROTHER”, I bellowed! My brother lived 1/4 mile into the woods, down the driveway from us. He has always been very hyper and excitable so the then 18-year-old was always acting out his happiness tics, not to mention that he was happy that we moved to the family property. So I really could relate the branch or any other silly antic to him.
In a very quick instant, my husband said “it wasn’t him”, while still looking out the door.
“How do you know” I asked. He said “because of the deck”, short and to the precise point. There is no way he could have leaped over the railing, onto the deck, leaped back over and finished running the length of the house ALL in one fell swoop. I rushed out the door onto the deck and glanced back and forth, numerous times, to realize that my husband was right.
 To be continued…



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