Spooks Anonymous II

Still getting to know our new little home about 3 weeks now, we were getting comfy. The end bedroom is a cute little small room in the 12 foot wide trailer, a tiny little half bath and bay window, is my 4 year old sons. He likes his room, plenty of room for toys and space to play. At night after his bath he goes in to play for a little while, always in some costume of some sort. Most of the time a magician with a stick or spoon as a wand, long black cape and tiny little underpants and a cute hat crowning his little brunette head.

After playing for a while I go in to put him to bed. Changing into his pajamas, climbing in and settling under the covers, talk and a night-night kiss. I walk to the door, turn the light off and walk out. Two steps out and the light behind me, comes back on. I stop and step backwards into the bedroom. Peering at the light switch, a plastic white cover with little flower transfers and black switch. Just now occurring to me that I should have changed that but never did. I flip the switch back to off then on again. Trying also to catch it at a particular point that I could have placed it in to make it come back on by itself, I couldn’t, so I wrote it off as a fluke.
To be continued…

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