Staring Down The Night Of Day V

“Come on Nana lets get dressed, we’re going shopping today” I tell her as she is still lying in the bed.

“Shopping? Where are we going shopping” She asks with her usual morning smile. “We gonna have breakfast first”? Have you had breakfast?

“Yes we are going to have breakfast first then leave. We have your change purse and it has money in it.” Nana had it in her mind that she had no money  and couldn’t go out without real reassurance. She had always pinched tons of pennies, every one that was on the ground was pinched as well.

After breakfast we go to get her dressed. Dressing is a challenge with a person that puts her clothes on in the same cute funny manner as a two-year old. The first time I saw her with her bra on the outside of her shirt, I had to keep my hysterical laughing at bay. It was funny to know that she was looking at me as if I had lost my mind while she stands there in her “ZEER” as she calls it. So we get ready to head out the door she has to have her coat, glasses, scarf, change purse, and make sure of the keys, always the keys.

Trying to hurry, get out and back before she gets in the afternoon bad mood. She has a good time when we go out for the most part, so we try to take her as often as possible. So still having pleasing moods at the moment, during the day, we realize that taking her out of her home for remodeling was NOT a good idea. It had an effect on her that we will never get back to before the remodel. No more Senior Center. She will have to stay with Sherry from now on. We can’t move her again.

While Nana has gotten “somewhat”comfortable in her stay with Sherry, she doesn’t realize that her two week visit has turned into two months. The transition going from her own home to another has set her into a different phase. Mostly comfortable and outgoing during the day, very unhappy at night. Sun-downers can be very harsh to that person and the people around them. She wants to go to bed as soon as it gets dark. It’s winter, it gets dark at 6, that’s a struggle. On go all the lights to help ease the fight a little. All in all it’s not to bad though.

signed, Alzheimer’s



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