Spooks Anonymous III

We live in the country, the nights are wonderfully silent. The skies are extraordinarily black,  with the light of dim and bright sparkles that keeping you looking up in awe.
The very silent nights allow you to hear wonderful sounds that aren’t there during the day, or at least able to be heard in the busy hours. Crickets, owls, whippoorwills, coyotes, and some other odd sounds that I don’t know what they are. Not outside, inside, where I am.

I go to bed about 10:30-11. Being tired is the norm, two kids, full-time job, husband and me. I was always wore out at night but still lay in the bed for a while just relaxing and listening. And LISTENING to something that isn’t familiar to me. In the kitchen, maybe 12 feet from me, sounded like little rats wearing tennis shoes. In all of my home-living years I have never heard any rats running around in tennis shoes. Still haven’t.
Every night that I heard the tennis shoe wearing rodents I would hear footsteps soon after. Light, slow little steps that came from the kitchen, down the hall to my bedroom door. As far as I could tell it stopped at my door and stood there, I   don’t   know   why. I would lay there and look at the door, trying to see something, anything hoping it wouldn’t see me looking.
But, on the other hand, at the end of the hall there was carpet, in my bedroom. Could it have been in my room, standing beside my bed, seeing me looking for it? I wasn’t sure.
To be continued…




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