It’s Just A Rock

Going up Lookout Mountain there’s a store that sells many different things, for the size of the store, it is packed in. The Incline comes down right behind it, I mean with in just a few feet. Part of the civil war was fought there in late Nov of 1863. “Battle Above The Clouds” as it was referred. Although, the main reason that I like to go there is because they have earring rocks for $5. They have geodes, broken or unbroken in various sizes $3-$10. Vintage coins, civil war replicas, quilts, moccasins, etc.

In the past I have battled with the lack of mathematical ability, like, NO ability. I have been to college two times, almost three. Still trying to decide. I can’t get anywhere in college due to this factor, Everest size factor, Top Of The World size factor. I fell in love with soil and rocks when I was young. My dad had me at the quarry often, I loved his job. I got to ride with him in his work truck, the road graders, loaders and dump trucks. We would drive through the quarry and up the mounds of rock; all I could see was sky at the top of the mounds. It was amazing!

I guess my dad doesn’t realize the memories that I have of his job. I always felt at home there. He worked there for nearly forty years, plus I was related to many of the workers, so that had a bearing on my comfort.

The years past, these days still find me playing in the soil, looking for different rocks, just getting dirty. A person like me, growing up traveling and being outside ALL of the time, even sleeping on the ground during much of my youth, is NOT happy sitting in the house. Sitting, watching tv and stuck house cleaning can get very depressing. I’m not complaining, I am blessed to  have a home to take care of but there is more in life than being at home or in the house.

My mom and dad took me on a trip to Wyoming and various states when I was young. I loved it! Yellowstone was the highlight of the trip. The beautiful multi-colors of the thermal pools, I didn’t understand why we couldn’t swim in them even though they were hot.  Old Faithful geyser really was/is right on time, to a child the magnificent fountain was breath-taking and awe worthy. I still remember the steam rising on each side of the boardwalk through the hot springs. Although, I didn’t know what a caldera was at the time. How awesome is our Earth?!

So now, back to the store on Lookout. I go in there because of the earrings and rocks. I had decided on blue before I even got there. An elderly lady is sitting behind the little counter that has so much merchandise on it you could easily miss seeing her. We go in and start looking at everything, which is a bombardment of figures and colors, shelves and hangings. After a zig and a zag the earrings are on the left, and they have  my dark blue. I take them to the counter and in talking to the cashier, I ask her if she knows what type of stone it is. She looks at it, even takes it from my hand, turns it around, upside down and says “it’s just a rock”. She dropped them into a tiny green velvet bag, smiled and handed the bag to me. Well….. I look at her and said thank you, have a great day. I went out to the car, her comment stuck in my head. “It’s just a rock”.

Howlite is a common stone used for jewelry. Pretty amazing for it’s “good fors” also, such as concentration and insomnia. Beautifully tumble dyed in any color to attract the eye of any of us gals. Her comment was fine and innocent, funny in a way. It only meant that there is a rock person in me. There may not be a place of importance for rocks and such to many, but to many others, there is. I have wanted to go back to school for a geology major now for about fifteen years. It is sad that I can not because of my math inability but, I am grateful for the ones that are in such professions. God made every part of the earth, and every part is important.





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