Words and Definitions

Couch potato: a person that is lazy and has no desire to see anything or learn anything new.
Paracentesis: with needle fluid is withdrawn aspirated from the abdomin
 Sit vs Set: I’m tired, I sit, so please set my food and drink here
Fauna: animals of a given region or period of geologic time
Tuff: a light porous rock formed by consolidation of volcanic ash
Hydromagnetic Wave: a wave in which the plasma and magnetic field oscillate
Infraction:  an act that breaks a rule or law
Synergism: the result obtained with the help of two agents that work together which could not have been possible by independent agents is known as synergism
Biovorous: an organism that can convert biological material into energy for sustenance is known as a biovorous organism
Margin:  the part of a page that is above, below, or to the side of the printed part
Courage:  the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc
Pragmatic:  dealing with the problems that exist in a specific situation in a reasonable and logical way instead of depending on ideas and theories
Impervious:  not allowing fluid to pass through
Dilatory:  inclined to put off what ought to be done at once
Acumen: quickness of perception or disscernment

Thinking Out Loud

1 gallon of water, 1/2 c syrup, 1/2 c borax around your house to keep ants out.                                                 Sunlight will bleach out clothes, so put your whites out.
Heart cath 1-3 hrs, stents are good.
Go hiking this weekend. It’s sooo worth it.                                                                                                                   Born a boy/boy bathroom, Born a girl/girl bathroom. Im a girl-NO BOYS ALLOWED!!!
God loves his family with his whole heart, love yours the same way, even if you dont like a family member at this time in their life. God sees how we treat them.
If you aren’t out working for God then help a family member.
Play in the dirt, no gloves!
Archaeology, in the dirt is part of our DNA 
You are VALUABLE, you were created for a wonderful reason! Love
 Who is depressed, you need to find yourself and love you.
Alzheimer’s…Thief and a Murderer!
I saw a lightening bug last night, in MARCH
If you are one of only two adults in your home and you are the only one that cares how clean the home is then there is a problem. Especially when the other is major messy and you have three dogs. Which of the four do you get rid of lol?
 If you don’t have it, make it. Really dry skin-vitamin E oil, olive oil & aloe gel
If a screaming protester was asked to speak would they have something to say?
Chew gum for acid reflux & sit up.  Dry cuticles try soy bean oil.
 Always talk to your kids, mainly just listen and know their issues are very important to them.
Ikea or not to Ikea Saturday?  Saw + lumber = shelving unit
I’m not a writer but I have plenty to say, in MY own redneck way lol.
The power to accept the idiotic crap that you can NOT change!  Where is it?
God created the moon and stars, and man in his own image, not sure about that, man just keeps causing trouble.  “Grey’s Anatomy”
Downton Abbey, woe is me, charmed by the past.
Excited for life in the future, fix the present!
Painted, bedroom, pretty, backache.
Sometimes just shut UP! We don’t have to comment.
FB is boring anymore!    Skydiving in May!
Buddy poops EVERYWHERE, EVERYDAY- Love the dog
Arrogant people are hard to have a healthy relationship with
Double Chocolate Klondikes
Cousin Terror Tot    Voted! Crazy Stuff!
Coffee isn’t getting hotter, we are getting colder
Spacial Ability is lacking     Am I to old for this?
I do Not like bacon      ADD can be fun!
Everyone is creative in some manor
Yellowstone!      “Old”, that’s for bananas