A Great horned owl’s flyby — Christopher Martin Photography

I found this Great horned owl and her mate flying around a long line of trees on the edge of a farm field east of High River. On this flight she flew at eye level, very close to where I had my camera and lens setup on a tripod. Too close to fit the […]

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Confronting the enemy — The baby aspirin years

This is going to suck, I thought to myself. It was time to head up out of the cavern and I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to do it. Not in the way of I thought it was going to be hard, but that I really was convinced that Steve would have to leave … Continue reading Confronting the enemy

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It’s Just A Rock

Going up Lookout Mountain there’s a store that sells many different things, for the size of the store, it is packed in. The Incline comes down right behind it, I mean with in just a few feet. Part of the civil war was fought there in late Nov of 1863. “Battle Above The Clouds” as it was referred. Although, the main reason that I like to go there is because they have earring rocks for $5. They have geodes, broken or unbroken in various sizes $3-$10. Vintage coins, civil war replicas, quilts, moccasins, etc.
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American Bikers United Against Jihad

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Abuaj 01

Join us in a ride for National Security to let the FBI do its job!
Our children are counting on us.
Serious participants only, contact us at: ABUAJ_ride@yahoo.com
For Respect: NO M.C. COLORS.
Ride as individual American Bikers.
Jeeps and pickups are welcome.


Join us this spring in a ride for National Security on Sunday, May 15, 2016
FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/events/814566501999381/

Demand that the “U.S. State Department” designate “Jammat Al-Fuqra” an international “terrorist” organization!

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Save Your Weeds: Edible And Medicinal

With every step I take in my yard, barefoot and camera in hand, I am anxious to get out in the crisp fresh air. In the mornings of early spring there is an alluring scent that can be described as “a fresh and blissful place that is calming for the mind”. Standing outside in the stillness of early morning life, taking a long very much needed deep breath, provides a pleasant mental state.

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Staring Down The Night Of Day IV

Blue Tile

He said “the remodel will take about two weeks.” So Sherry gathered the few personal items and clothes that Nana would need for her stay. Nana would be comfortable there, Sherry is the daughter that everyone would want. She is organized, hyper, extremely thorough, efficient, sweet and beautifully manicured.  She loves her mother to no end and will give up a tremendous amount to take care of her. Continue reading