Spooks Anonymous IV

I talked to my mom. I told her that for what ever reason that something was going on in my house.
I told her about everything that had been happening to this point. The brush down the length of the house, the light switch, the footsteps. Now my ponytail holders, barrettes and comb have disappeared from my bathroom. They were on the counter, where they always stay. I looked in my sons room because he is tall enough to reach there. So I thought that he might grab them. Couldn’t find them, so I asked him and he said no he didn’t get them.

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Spooks Anonymous III

We live in the country, the nights are wonderfully silent. The skies are extraordinarily black,  with the light of dim and bright sparkles that keeping you looking up in awe.
The very silent nights allow you to hear wonderful sounds that aren’t there during the day, or at least able to be heard in the busy hours. Crickets, owls, whippoorwills, coyotes, and some other odd sounds that I don’t know what they are. Not outside, inside, where I am.

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Spooks Anonymous II

Still getting to know our new little home about 3 weeks now, we were getting comfy. The end bedroom is a cute little small room in the 12 foot wide trailer, a tiny little half bath and bay window, is my 4 year old sons. He likes his room, plenty of room for toys and space to play. At night after his bath he goes in to play for a little while, always in some costume of some sort. Most of the time a magician with a stick or spoon as a wand, long black cape and tiny little underpants and a cute hat crowning his little brunette head.

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Spooks Anonymous

Hair dryer in right hand and hair brush in left, it took a good 10 minutes to blow dry my then long, very thick hair. The dryer was warm in the tiny pea green bathroom, middle of winter I always froze after a shower. The little trailer was a 1984 model that we bought from my husband’s friend and had just moved onto my parents property 2 weeks before. At this time it was 1993, so the quaint little trailer wasn’t very old at then.

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Staring Down The Night Of Day IV

Blue Tile

He said “the remodel will take about two weeks.” So Sherry gathered the few personal items and clothes that Nana would need for her stay. Nana would be comfortable there, Sherry is the daughter that everyone would want. She is organized, hyper, extremely thorough, efficient, sweet and beautifully manicured.  She loves her mother to no end and will give up a tremendous amount to take care of her. Continue reading

Staring Down The Night Of Day III

It’s Friday, Memory Writing Class day at the Senior Center. Each Friday is a rush to get Nana up, fed, dressed and into the car. We (I) have the responsibility of getting her bottled water wrapped with a paper towel into a zip-lock baggie. The newspaper, although never brought from the tote bag. And not to forget the umbrella if there is a cloud within a 20 mile radius. Oh Lord the keys and the lock, always HAVE to have 2 keys (in case one is lost) to get back in the house. She asks me a couple of times before we get to the Senior Center if we have each of these. She’s thorough for sure. 11:00 is a tight squeeze for us, as Nana is not so worried about her time now. I PANIC! The one thing that absolutely destroys my nerves anymore is the slightest thought that I will be late! She s-l-o-w-l-y moves as if she doesn’t care about my upcoming heart failure.

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